Barnack Parish Council


The Barnack Parish Council

Council Members

Barnack Parish Council is made up of seven councillors and represents the residents of Barnack and Pilsgate.

Contact details for members of the Parish Council are:

Chairman: Margaret Palmer, 01780 740988 -

David Laycock: 01780 740267 -

Sophie Moore:

Susie Caney: 07747 033990 -

Iris Payne: 07830 513137 -

Sonia Lane:

Kimberley Cameron 07894 085765

Debbie Lines: 07595 377236,

Correspondence address: The Village Hall, School Road, Barnack, Stamford, Lincolnshire PE9 3DZ


Meetings are usually held on the second Monday of every month in the Village Hall from 7.00pm. They are public meetings, so everyone is welcome to attend. There is an Open Forum on every agenda to enable you to air your views and ask questions. Please check the notice boards for details of the date and times of each meeting. These can be found outside the Village Hall, at the top of Main Street and at the bus stop in Pilsgate.

Peterborough City Councillor for Barnack Ward:

Cllr David Over, 01733 755939,

MP for North West Cambridgeshire:

Shailesh Vara, 01733 239467,

The House of Commons, Westminster, London, SW1A 0AA 0207 219 6050

Peterborough City Council

Main Switchboard - 01733 747474


Councillor Register of Interests - Peterborough City Council Parish Council Page

Harry Brassey retires after 50 years as a Barnack Councillor

This May sees the retirement of Harry Brassey from Barnack and Pilsgate Parish Council.  Harry has been a Councillor for over 40 years having been elected to the Council in July 1978.  He attended his first Council meeting in September 1978 – which is before some of the present Councillors were even born!

In the early days the minutes of the meetings were handwritten in a minute book by the Chairman.  I have viewed those minutes which are stored in the archive records at Peterborough Central Library.  At Harry’s first Council meeting they discussed placing a skip in the village every year to collect residents’ bulk rubbish; the installation of a play area in Pilsgate; re-assigning and re-directing local footpaths (Harry was appointed to a sub-committee to deal with this); cleaning the verges on Main Street (Harry volunteered to help with his tractor and trailer); and, finally, planting trees to replace others that had died.  Forty years on the same issues are dealt with by the Parish Council on a regular basis.  An examination of the minutes shows that discussions around issues such as the replacement and maintenance of trees and footpaths; the installation of playgrounds; traffic calming; and maintenance of the war memorial still dominate the agendas of our monthly meetings.

Harry decorating the Christmas tree

Harry’s total commitment and dedication to the Council’s work and the welfare of our residents has no limits.  He has himself always carried out a huge amount of the tasks required to maintain and improve our villages – from installing sanitisers in the bus shelters to installing the Christmas tree in the square every year – just don’t mention his skill at operating a cherry picker!

Barnack has grown in size substantially over the last few years.  Harry has recognised the need for growth but has balanced that against a commitment to ensure that the character and appeal of our villages and countryside remain.  Everyone in Barnack owes Harry a huge debt of gratitude and our very best wishes go out to him for a happy retirement – although knowing Harry we are sure he won’t be able to resist offering his help and words of wisdom for many years to come!  Thank you Harry.

Martin Bloom