Barnack Parish Council


Neighbourhood Plan for Barnack and Pilsgate

The Neighbourhood Plan passed a vote on 1st July 2021. As a result, the Barnack Neighbourhood Plan is now valid to use in decision making in relation to planning applications for the parish.

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Neighbourhood Plan – The Journey

Barnack’s involvement in local planning and development is long-standing. This includes the production of the Village Design Statement  in 2001 and publication of the first Parish Plan in 2005. In response to the 2011 Localism Act, Barnack Parish Council decided to revisit these documents, and in 2014 a new Parish Action Plan was drawn up. The Parish Action Plan is reviewed every two years with a hard copy being delivered to every household in the Parish.

In December 2017 Barnack Parish Council held a public meeting to investigate the level of community support for producing a Neighbourhood Plan. In a subsequent poll, 84% of the votes cast were in favour of producing one. In July 2018 the Parish Council decided to go ahead with a Neighbourhood Plan and appointed a Working Group to draft it.

Barnack Neighbourhood Area was formally designated in February 2019, comprising the whole of Barnack Parish excluding Burghley Park and Burghley House.

A draft Neighbourhood Plan emerges

A year’s hard thinking and writing followed, during which the working group organised the 22 objectives into ten policies grouped under four themes, and drafted the policies. Each month, drafts were presented to the Parish Council for approval. A first version of the whole Neighbourhood Plan was finished by January 2020.

Public consultation

In February 2020, Barnack Parish Council launched its required six-week public consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan. Unfortunately, this process was overtaken by the COVID-19 emergency and was halted by lock-down. The consultation could not be resumed until September 2020, but this time it lasted for the full six weeks. Small adjustments were made to the Plan and it was presented to Peterborough City Council. Early in 2021, the City Council carried out another six-week public consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

The final stages

The draft Plan was been submitted to an independent Examiner, who checked it for legal compliance and made a recommendation that it should go to referendum, subject to certain minor modifications being made. 

Peterborough City Council organised the referendum for 1st July 2021. Of the 195 votes cast (23% of the electorate) 175 voted in favour and 20 against. 

Following a successful vote, the Neighbourhood Plan was adopted.


Margaret Palmer (Chair, Barnack Neighbourhood Plan Working Group)