Police, Doctors, Dentists� and Hospitals


Cambridgeshire Constabulary

Telephone: 0845 456 456 4

Website:� www.cambs.police.uk


The Little Surgery

� 21 St Mary's Street, Stamford, PE9 2DG

All Enquiries: 763308

Dr John Fields, Dr Ruth Livingstone and Dr Melanie Denton

Open surgeries are held every morning Monday to Friday, when no appointment is necessary.� Appointments can be made for all other surgeries and for practice nurses.

St Mary's Medical Centre

Wharf Road, Stamford, PE9 2DH

Appointments: 761300

Home Visits and Enquiries: 764121

Prescriptions: 761307

Dr Gail Glynn, Dr David Babbs, Dr Craig Mann, Dr Catherine Fitt, Dr Miles Langdon, Dr Susan Barrow,

Dr Sarah Hall, Dr Jackie Barney and Dr Rebecca Watt

The New Sheepmarket Surgery

Ryhall Road, Stamford, PE9 1YA

All Enquiries: 08444 996624

Dr John Mitchell, Dr Stephen Reiss, Dr John Williams, Dr Helen Little, Dr Kate Noble, Dr Anna Mann,�

Dr Stella Lowry, Dr Angus MacDonald, Dr Mary Chorbadjian

Emergency Out of Hours Service

08450 450281

The emergency out of hours service is available for patients in any of he� Stamford practices, who need to contact their doctor after the surgery hours.


Oasis Dental Care

Orme House, Ryhall Road, Stamford, PE9 1UF

All Enquiries: 762182

Stamford Dental Care

14 Broad Street, Stamford, PE9 1PG

All Enquiries: 752001/763137

Open for NHS patients

J F Hawkins

59 High Street, St Martins, Stamford, PE9 2LA

All Enquiries: 763133

P H Williams & R Richardson

34a St Mary's Street, Stamford, PE9 2DS

All Enquiries:� 755005


Residents who are not registered with an NHS dentist can access emergency dental care via the Dental Access Centre in Midgate, Peterborough.


Stamford & Rutland Hospital

(Peterborough & Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)

Ryhall Road, Stamford, PE9 1UA

All Enquiries: 764151

The minor injuries unit is open Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.� It is closed at all other times, including weekends and bank holidays.� The nearest A&E department outside of these opening hours is at Peterborough District Hospital.

Peterborough City Hospital

(Peterborough & Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)

Peterborough City Hospital is the new acute general district hospital serving the city of Peterborough and north Cambridgeshire, areas of east Northamptonshire and Rutland.


Edith Cavell Campus, Bretton Gate, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE3 9GZ

All Enquiries: 01733 678000

The Fitzwilliam Hospital

(part of Ramsay Health Care UK)

Milton Way, South Bretton, Peterborough, PE3 9AQ

All Enquiries:� 01733 261717

This is� a private hospital, which provides facilities for private clinics, surgery and convalescence.

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